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First Monetary Mutual Limited, a Bermuda-based mutual insurer and risk management specialist, is now providing its community bank shareholders with complimentary access to American Banker Online, the internet version of this leading daily financial journal. First Monetary is the first banking membership organization to provide its members with on-line subscriptions, which generally cost about $1,000 on a direct subscription basis.

Noting that timely access to accurate information is a key to both risk management and maintaining a competitive edge, First Monetary announced that it will also FAX all New York community banks --both members and non-members -- a daily digest of the most important articles in each day’s issue of the American Banker.

Overnight FAXES will be transmitted each business day and serve up a daily digest of the most important articles from the American Banker Online. Community bank executives will find a concise summary of the day’s top banking issues waiting for them when they arrive at work in the morning -- no matter how early.

First Monetary Chairman David Swanson said, “A central part of First Monetary’s mission is to help community bankers avoid risk and adapt profitably to changing times. “The American Banker Online is a powerful resource that will enable community bank executives to be more effective in their jobs and as knowledgeable about industry issues as their largest competitor. American Banker has been helping bank decision makers for 163 years. Now it’s helping them take advantage of the new way information is being packaged and delivered -- electronically.

First Monetary President Francis J. Shashaty added, "The long wait for critical information that used to wind its way laboriously through the US Post Office is over, and First Monetary is facilitating the conversion.”

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Accessed through a special First Monetary web site (, American Banker Online provides a faster and better way to find, manage and store banking and financial news information. The headlines and summaries make it easy to scan the days events, and the site itself is extremely easy to navigate.

Beyond excerpts, First Monetary members will have access to the complete text of the American Banker and web-only editorial content written exclusively for American Banker On-Line PLUS complete search features for finding and retrieving prior news articles. Shareholders will enjoy the many advantages of:

Tomorrow’s News Tonight: To give you what is undeniably the first account of events, American Banker’s daily edition is posted on-line each night at 11 p.m. (EST) the night BEFORE hard copy publication.

First Monetary members will get the earliest possible notification of tomorrow’s headlines.

A Company Index: A built-in index feature will give First Monetary members access to a full range of data on prospects and competitors. The American Banker Archives: No more hunting for for back articles. No more need for extra filing cabinets. First Monetary members will have unparalleled access to the text of back issues from the past THREE YEARS, catalogued by name, publication date and section.

Breaking News Bulletins: American Banker Online will notify First Monetary members of breaking news directly and as it happens via e-mail bulletins.

Expanded Technology Coverage: American Banker Online regularly publishes exclusive on-line only content focused on technology issues in the financial services sector.

Daily Stock Highlights: American Banker On-line posts financial services stock highlights, updated on a daily basis.

First Monetary members who want to arrange access to American Banker Online, and non-members interested in this valuable service, can call the Monetary System at 800.222.2463 or direct e-mail to


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